Deep Sky

Deep Sky nights

"Deep Sky" refers to objects outside our Solar System - Objects in our galaxy, and other galaxies. It is mostly used of "extended" objects - star clusters, nebulae and other galaxies - rather than other stars in our galaxy. Deep sky objects are usually quite faint, so we can't show you many - or any very well - from light polluted skies, such as those that might "do" for lunar and planetary nights. Consequently these nights are typically run at Wirilda, or under other (fairly) dark skies.

Typical objects observered are: Friday 25 August from 7:30 pm, At Wirilda  Plain Map  Google Map   In Words

The deep sky observing event will be run it at Wirilda, as it is reasonably dark, which we need for deep sky observing. Please check back here immediately prior to the event - the afternoon beforehand. We may cancel the event if it looks like the weather will give us no chance at all to do any observing.

Keeping the observing site dark

Darkness is CRITICAL for deep sky observing, because the objects we are looking at are so dim. Any light other than dim red torches will RUIN other peoples enjoyment of the night. Please follow the rules below strictly: