Telescope Clinics
From time to time we run telesope clinics - If you already have a 'scope, but have never really quite worked out how to use it, bring it along, and we help you set them up (if you don't know already), provide advice about adjustments, eyepieces, and generally making the best us of it. But if there isn't one scheduled soon, you can always bring it along to any of our meetings, and we will usually have time to help you with it.

If you don't have a 'scope yet, any of our observing nights would give you a chance to look at and through some 'scopes to help get an idea which might be right for you.

There are no specific Telescope Clinics scheduled for this year, but we will probably have time to help at any of the public nights - or even at a monthly meeting. We often include some parts of a telescoep clinic at Lunar and Planetary observing nights

Keeping the observing site dark

We do not need to be really strict about white light at telescope clinics, but if we are outside observing we still want to keep it as dark as possible