Activities Most activites take place at the Wirilda Educaton Centre
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Monthly Meetings

Our Monthly Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month except December and January. These meetings often feature talks, displays, workshops etc. and, depending on the weather, we sometimes do a bit of star-gazing as well.

Observing Nights

From time to time we run public observing nights - these are nights explicitly designed for the general public. Look here for the next one. We normally also advertise these in the "Express". As well, we run member's observing nights. These nights are set up primarily for members. Some of these are at private locations, and are not advertised here. Visitors are still most welcome to attend any that are advertised here.

In 2020, we will be trialing running these nights at short notice to try to fit in with LV weather (!). We will be aiming for one night a month, usually around last quarter to new moon (for dark skies). To get notice of these meetings, subscribe to the email list noted below.

Annual Events

Our Annual General Meeting is usually held before the Monthly meeting in August. We usually hold a barbecue amd observing night as a break-up on the first Friday in December. Check our calendar for details of these events

Astronomy Education

We provide educational nights for schools and clubs - see here for details

We run short courses in amateur astronomy - see here for details

Society News Service

The society has an e-mail list news service which sends reminders and last minute details of these activities. You can subscribe to this list here