LVAS Calendar

Our normal ongoing program includes monthly meetings every second Tuesday of the month (February to November) at 7:30 pm at Wirilda Education Centre, various public oberving nights, and member's observing nights around new moon. We usually conclude the year with a "Starbecue" on the first weekend of December

* Visitors are welcome at all LVAS events listed here, but events marked with a * are particularly suitable for the general public
FebruaryTuesday 1207:30 PM* Monthly Meeting, at Wirilda
Astronomical Almanacs - Making the most of Astronomy 2019
Tuesday 26 or 5 Mar07:30 PM* Observing Night, at Wirilda
Introduction to Telescopes - presentation & demonstration
MarchTuesday 1207:30 PMMonthly Meeting, at Wirilda
Installing and using an "Argo Navis" (Electronic setting circles)
Tuesday 26 or 2 Apr07:30 PM* Observing Night, at Wirilda
Public Observing night & Telescope Clinic
AprilTuesday 907:30 PM* Monthly Meeting, at Wirilda
Selectiing and Using Binoculars for Astronomy
MayTuesday 1407:30 PMMonthly Meeting, at Wirilda
Astronomy Apps
JuneTuesday 1107:30 PMMonthly Meeting, at Wirilda
Understanding (and choosing) Eypieces
Friday 2807:30 PM* Observing Night, at Wirilda
"Deep Sky" Observing night (Nebulae, Star Clusters and Gallaxies)
JulyTuesday 907:30 PMMonthly Meeting, at Wirilda
Omega Centauri
AugustTuesday 1308:00 PMMonthly Meeting, at Wirilda
The Siding Spring Observatory (after our AGM at 7:30)
Friday 30 or 6 Sep07:30 PMObserving Night, at Wirilda
SeptemberTuesday 1007:30 PMMonthly Meeting, at Wirilda
Astronomical Filters
OctoberFriday 407:30 PM* Observing Night, at Morwell Town Common
Lunar and Planetary Night - See the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn
Tuesday 807:30 PMMonthly Meeting, at Wirilda
Guest Speaker
Tuesday 22 or 2907:30 PMObserving Night, at Wirilda
NovemberTuesday 1207:30 PMMonthly Meeting, at Wirilda
Cephid Variables
Tuesday 2607:30 PMIntroduction to Telescopes, at Wirilda
So you are thinking of buying (someone) a telescope for Christmas ? - Making a sensible choice
DecemberFriday 612:00 AMBreakup Starbecue, at Wirilda
You are welcome to join LVAS for our annual breakup, BYO food & drinks