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Astronomy Nights

LVAS runs astronomy nights for schools and clubs. We can provide telescopes for viewing, including our Society's 40 cm dobsonian telescope and members' scopes, and we can run slide shows and talks on astronomy or telescopes. A typical night might be a quick introduciton to the night sky and telescopes, then viewing if it is clear, or a slide show if not. However, we are happy - indeed prefer - to work with schools to produce a night tailored to their program.

When to run a night ? We are happy to be contacted by email or phone to discuss this, but here are a few ideas...


We do not formally charge for these nights, but appreciate a donation. Many schools find it easiest to take up a "gold coin" donation on the night. However, if we are asked to travel significantly outside the Latrobe Valley, we request a contribution to our travelling expenses as well. This is the only case in which money is reimbursed to members - otherwise donations go back to the society, and are used primarily to purchase and maintain the equipment needed to run the events. Donations from nights like these contributed materially to the purchase of our largest society telescope, our 40 cm dobsonian, and it is unlikely we could have afforded that telescope otherwise.

When are the planets visible ? This is a VERY aproximate guide to when the planets are viewable soon after dusk. Please contact us for more exact information.
"_" means not observable, "." means poor, "+" fair, and "*" good
Planet Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Mercury ________________________.++**++._________..++._ ________....____________..++..__________.._____
Venus ...........++++++******++...___________________ ________________________________..++**********+
Mars **********++++++++++++++++++++......___________ ______________________________________________.
Jupiter **++++...._________________________....++++**** *++++++....______________________________..++**
Saturn ....____________________.......**********+++... .._______________________________..+++*****+++.
Uranus ***++++....__________________________..+++***** +++++++++....___________________________..+++**
Neptune ++......._______________________....+++*****+++ +..._______________________________...+++++****